143VPN Downloads


This is the main downloads page for 143VPN.

Main Downloads:

143VPN Client
OpenVPN Client
OpenVPN Config Files
Port Listener

Install 143VPN Via the OpenVPN Client

If you want to use OpenVPN instead of our client you can use the OpenVPN GUI

1. OpenVPN Config Files
2. OpenVPN GUI Installer

Quick Install OpenVPN Client

1. Download 143VPN Config files and OpenVPN GUI (1. and 2. above)
2. Run OpenVPN Installer, install TAP driver when directed.
3. Add the config files to: C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config (Default Install Location)
4. Run OpenVPN GUI as admin (openvpn-gui.exe in folder: C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\bin)
- Your password for the VPN and the website are different, check your email for "143VPN Setup Instructions"