Set up 143VPN with Xbox Live

This guide will show you how to setup 143VPN on your Xbox game console.

Please note the following requirements to properly configure your setup:

a. A working wireless internet

b. A laptop or dekstop pc.

c. an ethernet cable.

d. A VPN account from 143VPN. You can get one HERE.


1. Connect your Xbox game console to your PC/laptop using an ethernet cable.

2. Make sure your IP settings and DNS settings on Xbox is set to automatic.

3. Go to Network and Sharing Center by clicking Start, right clicking Network and selecting Properties.

4. Right click on 143VPN Network TAP Adapter and select Properties.

Note: You can only see this TAP adapter after installing the client app. 

5. Click on Sharing tab and check Allow other network users to connect to through this computer’s Internet Connection.

6. Select Local Area Connection in the drop down box and click ok.

7. Connect 143VPN Openvpn Protocol.

10. Restart your xbox and do a network test, it should be routed through 143VPN.

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