Client Features

143VPN Client Features

143VPN provides a VPN Client for the Windows Platform. Here are the features:

143VPN Client Features

143VPN Client Features

TCP and UDP protocols both enabled so that you can browse the internet as normal, with UDP. Or you can browse with SSL enabled to help conceal that you are on a VPN with port 443.
The Dynamic Server List makes it so that the server locations will update without the need to download additional updates.
The third feature
You can see right from the client how much data is being sent and received through the VPN tunnel.
143VPN's Client detects TAP driver errors for easy troubleshooting
143VPN's Client comes equipped to automatically fix TAP driver errors for ease of use.
Enable Pinger in Settings to make your VPN connection speed faster
Enable Windows Startup to start the client with Windows Automatically upon startup in the settings tab.
Option to set a custom landing page to go to whenever you start 143VPN through the Windows client. Useful for checking your IP, ports and to set a homepage.
The client will be in your system notification tray and show you notification messages upon connecting, disconnecting and more.
You will be able to click the social media links directly on the client to contact us, see the latest news etc.
The latest news will be dynamically pushed to the client like with the server locations, so you always know what's in the know.
Dot Net Framework 4 [VB.NET] TAP Drivers - Included in data directory of 143VPN Client

Other Clients

Here are some other clients for different Operating Systems such as Android, iOS, Linux and MacOS.

You will need to download and configure the TunnelBlick MacOS Client with our configuration files.
You will need to download and configure the Linux OpenVPN GUI Oast 32 Bit or Linux OpenVPN GUI Oast 64 Bit depending on if you have a 32 bit or 64 bit system.

OAST is a cross-platform front-end (GUI) for OpenVPN-client, allowing to manage multiple. It's quite simple in use and provides base functionality such as monitoring connection status. Application is written in Java so it works on both Windows and Linux.
Oast GUI Website

Note: We do not do support for Linux, this includes Oast. Use only if you know what you are doing in a Linux system.
You will need to download and configure the Android OS Client with our client configuation files.
You will need to download and configure the iOS Clientwith our client configuation files.

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